Manicures and Pedicures Yarravile

Williamstown Skin Therapy has all that you need to feel good and beautiful; from the best beauty care products to trained therapists, for an ultimate experience.

Cleansing, soothing and beautifying therapy for your skin

Looking beautiful is not only about the face, but also about other body parts, especially the hands and feet as they are most exposed to daily harsh conditions. That is why manicures and pedicures are as important as doing a facial. Our spa has a range of manicure and pedicure services, among which, the Corrective pedicure for callous feet, the Deluxe pedicure combining exfoliation and relaxation massage of the feet and lower leg and the Express pedicure. Among the manicures, you can choose from the Deluxe or Express manicure. Once your hand and feet are cleansed and relaxed, you can pick out the nail polish color you want from our range of Shellac polish for a brighter look and a longer stay.

Those who are in the Yarravile region can take an appointment for a complete hand and feet care package.