Tinting and Shellac Williamstown

Williamstown Skin Therapy offers an array of skincare and beauty treatments, for both men and women. We use internationally recognized brands of cosmetics and care products.  

Innovative, trendy and safe cosmetology for those who want a look that is second to none

Our spa offers tinting and Shellac applications, using best quality products for an ultimate result. People wanting to change the color of their eyelashes or eyebrows, opt for tinting. They do so mostly for cosmetic reasons; either they are not satisfied with the color of their lashes or they just want to go for a complete makeover. Apart from brows and lashes tinting, lots of women are coming in for Shellac nail polish application. With its unique composition, allowing a uniform coating, humidity tolerance and binding capacities, Shellac is not only used in cosmetics but also in the pharmaceutical industry.

If you are in Williamstown, then come to us to experience excellence in beauty care.